Testimonial 3

Rupesh Utekar is a fine young man with a tremendous grasping power for understanding the fine details and challenges of the responsibilities given to him. In all my association with him, I was genuinely impressed with the commitment, drive, and energy Rupesh brought forth in his work. He expertly handled my E-Commerce Retail business with full responsibility, and he did great justice to all the stakeholders. With exceptional communication ability backed with logical analysis and tech-savviness, he was to a large extent responsible for preparing and executing a working model for our E-Commerce business. Just like a true leader, he leads his team from the front and motivates his team members to give their best. With a smiling face and poised demeanour, he is readily accepted by all as a leader and teammate. I wish all the best in his career and endeavours and have no doubt in stating that he is an asset with whomsoever he associates.